SOLD it!

I have been writing my whole life, but only began submitting my work in 2009. Since then, I have appeared such places as,, and in anthologies from WolfSinger Publications and W.W. Norton. Recent Magazines and Anthologies: A Bleak New World: “Touch Piece” Niteblade: “Three Little Words” Liquid Imagination: “The Better to Hold Her” … Continue reading

Go on — judge it by its cover

Diane Dooley had a great post over on her blog this month where she talked about the allure of the cover. She featured some very intriguing dark fiction covers of books written by women. And I was so inspired that I thought I’d share a few of my own. Some of these books I haven’t … Continue reading

Women in Horror Book Review #2: Feed

Feed by Mira Grant. I read this book specifically in preparation for this discussion on women in horror. Since it came out, I’d actually been avoiding it. I was intrigued by the cover, LOVING the play on the RSS feed symbol, but I have to admit, zombies just aren’t my thing. Not the virus-gone-wrong sort, … Continue reading

Feed Me. Please. (Women in horror, I mean you!)

February is Women in Horror Month! And while I’m not officially affiliated with the WiHM (Women in Horror Month) crew found here, I am a woman and I read, write, watch and LOVE horror. WiHM is at its core about equal rights and fostering opportunities for underrepresented females in the genre (particularly in the film … Continue reading