I am one of those writers that is heavily influenced by what I’m reading at the time. Sometimes this bodes well for me. Like when I am reading Fitzgerald or Hemingway–even Stephen King. But recently, while in the process of researching a mythological character for a fantasy piece I’ve been kicking around, I came across a certain paranormal romance that took me by storm and left me lying on the floor, three days later, craving a cigarette and a stiff drink.

Needless to say my fantasy work took off in a similar direction. It was already leaning that way anyway, but this really lit a fire under it. It grew to a whopping 7K and now I am in the process of cutting it down to 5K for a contest. I like it for the most part, I just don’t know if anyone else will. Either way, it’s here now. These characters weren’t going away and I finally let them out of their cage.


3 thoughts on “Influence

  1. Hiya Soapy!!!

    this is a great post, I love it when my characters spawn off of another person’s work. It doesn’t have to be similar either, just something that struck you as special.

    And then when those new characters don’t go away that’s something purely remarkable. I hope to read this short your working on some day soon!

    Good luck with it, and Happy writing!
    Hinny (or Kara :D)

  2. Hey Kara!
    Thanks for stopping by. *hug*
    If anyone is every silly enough to buy this story, I will of course post a link. : ) Until then, I am too shy about this one LOL!

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