Finding the time to write

About time I get back to more writerly posts here. So…

I was thinking the other day about how I find the time to write. Or rather how I steal the time to write, I should say. One of the ways I steal time is to lock myself in the bathroom. It’s the only way I can assure my family won’t interrupt me. Though I swear they’re starting to think I have a bladder infection or an irritable bowel or something.

But hey, it gets me an extra 10 or 15 minutes a day, and every minute counts.

Another (less gross way) I steal time, is when my kids play hide and seek. I let them hide and then I sit in the kitchen and project my voice out every couple of minutes saying things like “oh, are they behind the couch?” or “nope, not under the table, hmm”. It works. Meanwhile they giggle away in their little corners of the house and after 10 minutes or so I go find them.

So, how about you? Do you have to steal time to write? And if so, where, when and how?


2 thoughts on “Finding the time to write

  1. LOL!! Your ideas are great. Though my bathroom is VERY small, the hide-n-seek thing is great.

    I try to schedule my time so that I play with the kiddos then ask them to let mommy have an hour to write. Otherwise I do it when they are sleeping. Sadly, I’m not as clever as you are, so maybe I’ll have to steal your ideas. 😀

    Hope you’re doing well Soapy!
    Happy writing

  2. Steal away, Hinny. 🙂 Truth be told, I’m hoping to steal some new ideas from others too. Especially since I’m *totally* busted now having put this out there. I keep getting the “raised eyebrow” when I go to bathroom now at home LOL.

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