Winging it: My Summer Affair with Discovery Writing

I am attempting to do something I don’t normally do.  Write without an outline. I’m a little scared and a lot excited. 

For short stories I can sometimes pull this off, but not always.  For shorts I often do a rough draft that is so bare bones it is essentially an outline (or else a crappy story). And for longer works—I can sometimes start without an outline—but I always come back and force one on it eventually. I have a hard time writing without some structure in place.  

However,  my outlines aren’t all that firm—I end up adjusting them along the way because certain things develop as I write that I wouldn’t have seen coming, or research leads me to some other new and exciting little thing I just *have* to add.

Anyway, I am attempting something longish this time without an outline and we’ll see how it goes.  An experiment of sorts.

I’m in research mode right now, just steeping myself in podcasts and movies and documentaries, biographies etc. of material that will be useful for this piece.  Which really means I’m just avoiding putting words on paper.

The few published stories I have  out there were all written without outlines, so…maybe I know what I’m doing more than I think.  Let’s hope so.  Here I go…


4 thoughts on “Winging it: My Summer Affair with Discovery Writing

  1. Good luck with it, Soap. Sometimes I do outlines and sometimes I don’t. Whatever comes to ya. 😉 Let me know if you need a reader when you’re done. 😀

  2. You don’t know what you just volunteered for, Tyhitia! LOL
    I will definitely call on you when I’m done.

  3. Soapy!

    Good for you for trying something different! Don’t worry if you feel like you get tripped up, just keep writing! You can always go back and rewrite it. Just go through the entire story first!

    Good luck!
    Happy writing

    Kara (hinny)

  4. Thanks, Kara 🙂
    I’m doing OK with it so far, but about to get to the tough stuff. Action. LOL. Anyway, I’m cheating a bit now and instead of going cold turkey with outlining–I’m using a technique someone at AW suggested. Finish writing a chapter and then briefly write out what I have in mind for the next chapter. That way when I sit down to write again I have a *little* bit of direction at least. But it’s not a full blown outline. I kinda like it. I don’t have to know exactly where the whole story is going…just the next few pages. A little at a time.

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