The Perils of Writing at the Park

Wanna know one of the perils of taking your laptop to the park?

You might think it has to do with finding a spot in the shade where the sun won’t A) cook your computer until it’s too hot to touch. OR B) hit the screen and make it difficult for you to see. (which reminds me of my idea for a laptop tent–but don’t do anything with that, it’s patent pending. 😉 ).

You might think it’s coming  up with a quick plan for how to shove it in your purse in a flash, in case you have to kick into sprint-after-kid mode, when your littlest one decides to take off. (happens less now than it used to, but still happens)

But no. The peril of the day was bird poop.

It dropped on the picnic table I was working at, just mere inches from my computer!!

And the first word to come out of my mouth?

You guessed it…



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