What I’m reading today…

I read a wonderful short story today over on Underground Voices.  You know how sometimes you read something and it just resonates with you?  This was one of those stories. It’s called Elizabeth, Elizabeth by Rebecca Anne Renner.  The accompanying artwork is what actually caught my eye first.  Stunning.  Disturbing.  Beautiful.  I had a hard time looking at it at first, but now I can’t seem to *stop* looking at it.  (though after dark, when I’m alone, is probably not the best time. :D)  I hope one day to have something like that accompany one of my own stories.

This photo happens to be by a photographer named Hans Bellmer, a German artist from the 1930s.  The photo is taken from a collection of his. According to the Art Institute of Chicago:

The images show Bellmer’s assemblage, made of wood, flax fiber, plaster, and glue, under construction in his studio or arrayed on a bare mattress or lacy cloth. Seductive props sometimes accompany the doll—a black veil, eyelet undergarments, an artificial rose. Naked or, in one case, wearing only a cotton undershirt, the armless doll is variously presented as a skeletal automaton, a coy adolescent, or an abject pile of discombobulated parts. In one unusual image, the artist himself poses next to his standing sculpture, his human presence rendered ghostly through double exposure. Here Bellmer’s own body seems to dematerialize as his mechanical girl, wigged, with glass eyes, wool beret, sagging hose, and a single shoe, takes on a disturbing reality.

I know nothing of art, really.  But apparently he’s quite famous. LOL  I just know when I see something I like.  And I like this.


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