Gimme your typos and your grammatical flubs…please

So, I’ll be straightforward–this is research for something I’m working on.

But I also thought it would just be fun.

I want to know what words you mess up all the time. Words and phrases that, for whatever reason, you’ve flubbed, or ALWAYS flub.

It can be the tiniest things like: the/teh, form/from–the ones you do by accident all the time.

Or the big whopping, Freudian slip kind. Even the not-so-funny words/phrases you’ve misused. And there doesn’t have to be a story attached.

But–bonus points if they are sexy πŸ˜‰ (OK, I’m not really awarding points…it’s not a contest, it’s just for kicks. And my research purposes, of course. LOL)

And I swear, this isn’t because I have a thing for finding typos in other people’s work so that I feel better about my own mistakes. I swear. πŸ˜€

So, I’ll lead–I have HUGE homophone issues. Thank goodness I re-read my shit carefully. Aloud/Allowed, Break/Brake.

And here’s a good one (not mine, btw, just one I heard about once): Because of where the K and L fall on the keyboard, it’s easy to accidentally type the word Kegal (which sounds a whole lot like kegel when you read it allowed<—Ha! see what I did there ;)) when you mean to type the word “legal”. *snicker*

This one is mine all mine: Note to writers, if you didn’t already know this, nothing pulls the reader out of a hot sex scene faster than when the MMC runs his hand down the FMC’s waste. *shudders*Β  Just…ew.


4 thoughts on “Gimme your typos and your grammatical flubs…please

  1. Good ones! OK, try this–I must type this about 12 times a day. Every day. Yet I always type:
    I apologize for any inconvience…

    God that’s bad. My fingers are just too lazy to type it right and my brain refuses to conform to the rules of “i” before “e”, so I just aim for something relatively close to what I know is correct and figure *shrug*, I’ll catch it in spell check later. πŸ™‚

  2. I could write an entire book on my poor spelling…I have considered writing an entire novel freehand so I have to be more careful. Maybe next one.

    Most often that I can think of now (uncorrected): bureou, necesary, fourth/forth.

  3. YES! Necessary. Is it 2 Cs or 2 Ss or 2 of each…every damn time. And four always confuddles me. Fourty/Forty. I hate writing checks in that amount because there is no spell check for check writing and I can’t seem to commit that one to memory. 😦

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