I’m a January Juggernaut!

Well, one Write1Sub1 month down. I’m feeling pretty good. My Sub1 went out in early January. No difficulty there, I had something ready and a market in mind.

The write1 went decent up until the last 2 weeks. I had, what I thought was, a good idea, but I had a hard time pulling the ending together. It just sort of went on and on and on… And ended up at about 6k. Yeesh. But, hey, it’s write1, not edit1. 😉   I need to let it sit for a bit and then I’ll take the chainsaw to it.

The one I subbed is probably considered dark fantasy (or so everyone told me, and I trust the majority on this).  The one I wrote was clearly horror. And though it involved a zombie, she wasn’t the most horrifying character in the story 😉  You know, that’s one of the things I like most about horror. The “bad” guy is often times not the worst guy. And sometimes he/she’s even the “good” guy.

Now heading into month 2 of Write1 Sub1.–with no idea what I’ll be writing!! Time to start looking for prompts.


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