February Fahrenheit (OK it’s March now, but still)

Well, another month down for Write1Sub1, and I have to say, this month was *much* rougher.

It felt like we were about halfway through the challenge and it was only month TWO! I fear that I am not going to be able to continue…but the good thing is, I am really good with commitments. I tend to follow through no matter what. Then again, I usually only commit to things I think I can actually do, however challenging they are.

And, let’s face it, the challenge of seeing it through is part of the fun. If not fun, at least it’s character building (no pun intended) ;).

Let me just say–CONGRATS to the others who have stuck to the challenge so far. Samuel, Milo, Shelley–the rest of the Write1Sub1 AW gang…high-fives all around.

The full list of the other February Fahrenheit winners  can be found here: http://write1sub1.blogspot.com

You are all amazing and it’s been so great to watch so many of you rack up the publishing credits recently. Many of you are completely insane and doing the weekly challenge. I can’t even begin to imagine what that is like. A huge kudos for all the weekly writers.

My February story (currently titled Mine–which I hate, but don’t have anything else yet) needs to sit for a long while. A very long while. I struggled with it for many reasons.

First, it was a collection of very short scenes. And a couple were from the POV of the monster/animal. He was sophisticated enough to know/recognize some things, but it was really hard for me to get into his head—to write what he was seeing and thinking and feeling.

Second, I connected with my MC on a certain level and it blocked me from really…writing her.  The way I figure it, either she was too much like me (looking in a mirror syndrome) and I was frustrated by it. Or she was not enough like me, meaning I couldn’t understand her enough to write her *shrug*

I do know that she grew  more and more resentful as the story progressed. She was really a  very unhappy person, I came to find out.

And she exhausted me.

Anyone else connect like that with a character? Any of the other Write1Sub1 participants struggle with their stories like this? Or in a different way?


3 thoughts on “February Fahrenheit (OK it’s March now, but still)

  1. Congrats yourself, soapy. You pushed and pushed and made it through the month. Your writing muscles and endurance will be getting stronger and stronger.

    And i echo your kudos to the peeps doing the weekly challenge. I wrote three stories last month, but i needed most of the month to write two of them. 1 a week–that’s impressive.

    Yeah, i have stories and characters that exhaust me. A while ago i wrote a mainstream novel (still sitting in second draft stage on my hdd) and the main character left me in a state of melancholy (and this even though the ending was happy and full of promise).

    On the subject of w1s1 stories, i’ve noticed that my last 4 have a similar theme running through them. They’re completely different in character and setting but the theme is similar, just from different angles. That’s been interesting.

    Onwards into March! And away we fly!

  2. Congratulations to you too!

    I had a similar struggle with a character last month – she wanted to do something stupid and I finally let her 🙂 But the story came out a mess and I’ve yet to revise it. In fact, I’m not sure I want to bother with it at all . . .

  3. Aw, just let it sit longer, A.S. Really.

    I had one I ended up hating from last year–and I actually got a compliment on it today. Someone who remembered a horrible draft. LOL But they liked it, and that ignited a fire for me to finally go back and revise it.

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