So, I might have a thing for horns…

It could be from the countless hours of listening to Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass on my Fisher Price record player. (Ooh, that dates me, doesn’t it?)

Anyway, horns. Yeah. Now, I never played a horn. Never thought about it. But I did have a dear friend who played in the jazz band and she used to entertain me regularly with her rendition of Birdland on the trombone. Well, Birdland and songs by the Beatles. 😉  I think that’s required learning for all Jr. High Jazz Bands, right? Once we even took it to the city streets, with a hat for $$ and everything. LOL She played and I…listened. I didn’t dance or anything. Nooo. Definitely did not dance.

These days, I feel like there aren’t enough horns in my life. That was until I discovered All of the Lights. A song that features many artists (Alicia Keys, Rhianna, Fergie, even Elton John(?), among others), though Kanye West gets most of the song credit.  And, well, he wrote it I think, so there’s that…

Besides the horns (which I am overjoyed to see making a comeback in popular music) I happen to find West to be a pretty neat storyteller. And an interesting study all around. His track record with the media is just…well, interesting.

Anyway, if you like horns, like me, you can find All of the Lights here. Sorry, it won’t embed because of Vevo restrictions.  Oh, and it has an epilepsy warning *eek* I guess because of…all of the lights. 😉


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