My April Report – Write1Sub1

Well, THAT’S a terribly boring title…

But it’s all I have in me today. Posting a little early because the next few days promise to be nuts. This month was a big challenge. I had two ideas for new stories, outlined them both in a wonderful fit of creativity at the park, and even started writing both of them. One promises to be long and disturbing. The other?  Um…short and disturbing. 😀

Actually it was the short and disturbing one that I finished. Only, it’s longhand in my journal. It was kind of interesting how it all came together.

I was working (meatspace working, not writing working) and had my journal open, off to the left side of my keyboard. I could only have been working on something that didn’t require my full attention, like data entry or something…but to be honest, I can’t remember what I was working on. Anyway, I fell into this awesomely productive rhythm. I would work a little, write a little, work a little, write a little–just like that, until at some point I reached over my keyboard with my number 2 pencil and wrote THE END. My Write1 was straight horror. Not even a touch of supernatural to it. It was kind of nice to get back to what I started writing when I started out in this genre.

For my Sub1 this month I sent out a fantasy Twitter fiction piece. It was the opening line to a story I wrote several months ago, only I reworked it a little. I have always been partial to it. It just seemed to sum up the entire story in so few words. Then it hit me. DUH. It *is* a story. So, off it went.

And..that is all.


10 thoughts on “My April Report – Write1Sub1

  1. Wow. I hope it gets selected. 😉 Keeping fingers crossed for you.

    I need to write 1 sub 1 myself when my schedule clears up.

  2. Thanks, Tyhitia! And yes, Write1Sub1 is an amazing way to push your limits. I’m only writing 1 subbing 1 a month…others are doing 1 a week. It’s intense. You should try it, if you’re serious about short fiction.

    @diane Twitter fiction, yanno, a story in 140 characters or less. LOL And mine was fantasy. (actually it was originally from something you betaed for me. :D)

  3. No, silly. You didn’t beta the twitter-sized one. You betaed the one that the twitter-sized one was born from.

    *suspects Diane of having a twitter-sized memory*


  4. Congrats on meeting your W1S1 goals for the month! I decided to try the work a little/write a little approach last month to keep myself from drowning in work. It served as a reward–finish an article, write a little more on the next scene, sort of thing.

    The jury’s still out as to whether this is going to work for me, but I’m glad to see it seems to work great for you! Sounds like a great way to get those stories in.

  5. Samuel…there are just *no* words for the dancing LOL 😉

    Simon, well, hopefully you’ll get to read it once it’s published! I’ll be bragging with a link for sure if it is.

    Thanks, Milo!

    Shelley, yeah, the work/write thing works for me sometimes. But not always. I have a problem getting lost in the writing and not doing much working. LOL. Then I get in trouble once my paycheck comes. 😀

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