Two bags, a basket, and a little under the bed.

That’s what I fit in.

Well, not me exactly, but my writing life. How do I know this? Because every time we have company stay with us, that’s where I have to squeeze myself–into two bags, a basket, and a little bit under the bed.

See that—————->

If you were able to peek inside you’d see:

  • The typed manuscripts (8pt, narrow margins, single-spaced, scribbled pencil edits in the margins and on the backside of every sheet) of two novels.
  • A dozen or so typed short stories–multiple drafts of some.
  • Receipts, envelopes and other random bits of scrap paper with “notes” all over them.
  • Two journals, nearly filled.
  • A box of index cards with, you guessed it, more notes. 😉
  • A few books on The Craft (of writing, not the witchy kind).
  • A few novels and magazines I don’t feel like “sharing a passion for” with people in my RL, for various reasons each.
  • Every book I’ve ever appeared in.
  • And front and center?–my Netbook. My baby. Soon to be joined by my Kindle–which is also loaded with things I don’t care to share, for various reasons.

What’s under the bed beside the dust bunnies? The plot bunnies. Yep. They are the bastard cousins of the dust bunnies. 😀 Slid under my bed is a large whiteboard with more index cards,  taped on and connected by lines of dry-erase marker, attempting to make sense of a plot that’s gotten completely OUT OF CONTROL.

What’s it all doing tucked away like this? Hiding. That’s right. Hiding. As is the case with many writers, I don’t really care to share that part of me with people in my RL. I know, I know, *groan* another insecure, tortured creative type, right? Well…yeah. 🙂  I’m not sure that’s ever going to change.

For more on why…see this  recent blog post by a fellow blogger buddy and talented writer here. The post and the comments following it are perhaps the best, and most honest, discussion I’ve ever read on this common writerly phenomena.

So, what do/would you fit in?


3 thoughts on “Two bags, a basket, and a little under the bed.

  1. I’d have to shove my husband under the bed too. He’s taken to introducing me as “my wife, she writes, you know. Would you like to buy her book? Or read her stories? Look, here’s her blog…”


    It’s cute, but…


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