Write1Sub1 Report: May Marionette

Just a quick update on my Write1Sub1 progress. This month I was more productive than I have been in the previous months. I met (and exceeded) my monthly goal of writing 1 and subbing 1.

I kicked off May by writing a flash fiction piece and submitting it to the Shock Totem flash fiction challenge. Now I’m DYING to hear the results. It was an intense challenge! And only one week to do it–which was insane for me. I am an extremely sloooow writer.

The rest of the month I spent editing/revising one of my previous Write1Sub1 stories. It should be ready to go out in June. This one is a big one. I feel bad for my betas πŸ™‚

And…I resubbed a story that I wrote last year, and got a rejection 2 days later. Then I resubbed it again. Still waiting on that one. It was sorta to a dream market of mine so…fingers crossed.

Pretty decent, I think. On to June!


6 thoughts on “Write1Sub1 Report: May Marionette

  1. Good luck with the dream market, and the Shock Totem contest. Only 5 or 6 more days, even if goes all the way to the 7th!

    And congrats on not just meeting but exceeding your goals!

  2. Thanks, guys πŸ™‚

    And I am DYING to get the results from the ST contest. Only a few more days…

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