I Think Size Does Matter

I’m talking about food proportions, guys. I realize that the obesity rate in the US is largely due to the kind of food we eat, as well as our activity level. But I just thought this was interesting…visually speaking, this says something to me about what we’re teaching our children about portion control.

On the left there, that’s a typical lunch box of a kid from the US. Beside it, on the right, a Japanese child’s lunch box. Now, that’s not taking into account what is in the box, but still. It has me wondering.

(Jeez that lunchbox on the left looks like Godzilla next to the other one.)

And because this is somewhat of a fascination of mine at the moment: http://lunchinabox.net/2007/03/07/guide-to-choosing-the-right-size-bento-box/

As you have probably picked up from previous posts, I am obsessed with space saving. And neatly organized things. 🙂

Plus, I am desperately trying to think of a way to incorporate a bento box into a horror story. >:)


4 thoughts on “I Think Size Does Matter

  1. Okay, I’m sooo going with the smaller lunchbox. All those things make a difference. Portion control and too much of a bad thing.

  2. I started using my son’s obento box. 😛 I got a handful of Wheat Thins, some cherry tomatoes and a piece of cheese in it. LOL I might try an adult size next time.

  3. I KNOW! Isn’t that the coolest site? You know, I have a vintage lunchbox collection already—I should start a bento box collection too. Hmm.

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