W1S1: June Jack in the Box

So, here we are—halfway through the 2011 challenge. Yep. Six months in.

And I’m exhausted!

So far this challenge has been really amazing. “Amazing” being a rather bland term, I’m just feeling void of a better descriptive term at the moment.

What I mean to say, is that I’ve churned out more stories in the last 6 mos. than I have in the last two years. And I’ve subbed more stories in the last 6 mos. than I ever have, too. Both good (or “amazing”) things.

Now, not all of my write1s are winners. But there are a few that, yeah, I could see selling.  I have yet to sell an actual W1S1 story. Though, to be fair, I haven’t subbed many of them either.

Most of my subbing has been on stories I wrote last year (this month I sent a flash fiction piece out to one market–got an R and resubbed to another. Crickets on it now.)

Most of the stories I’ve written this year are just crappy drafts. But, crappy drafts that I would have never written at all without the W1S1 challenge.  Thank you W1S1!

Speaking of crappy drafts…

This month’s story was painful to write. I actually wrote and rewrote the opening about…10 times. You know, playing around with POV, tense etc. Part of the problem was that I wasn’t entirely sure *what* the story was about. It was one of those ones that when you explain what it’s about—it comes out sounding MUCH better than when you actually read it. LOL

I’m sure it was just poor execution, that’s all. At least initially. Because I do still like the concept, and after one editing session it’s improved greatly. I *think* with a little breathing room it might come together rather nicely.

For fun, here is what the logline might be, if it had one (which it doesn’t and this is much longer than a logline should be—okay, it’s really just me screwing around. 🙂 and it reads a little awkward still):

Bobby always got up at six, had breakfast and showered. After that it was hair and teeth. Then, kill the hamster.

In that order.

Every morning.

Even on the weekends.

He would have been a fine serial criminal one day, if only the hamster had stayed dead.


6 thoughts on “W1S1: June Jack in the Box

  1. “I’ve churned out more stories in the last 6 mos. than I have in the last two years” — ain’t it cool? Congrats on meeting your June W1S1 goals. We’re halfway there!

  2. Congratulations on the write 1, sub 1. I was going to patricipate, but too much has been going on. 😦

    I will get with the program soon.

  3. Thanks, guys! Tyhitia, you know, our write1sub1 group is starting a novel challenge. It might be perfect for you. 😉 You’ve got some time before it starts–stop by AW and get more details if you like.

  4. I second what Diane said – it’s a great logline.

    And who could resist an undead hamster?

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