August There Will Come Soft Rains: Write1Sub1 Report (…a little late)

So, I know it’s technically September, but I just realized I never checked in on my August Write1Sub1 progress. I blame vacation.

I had a looong (sorta still on it) vacation, beginning with an empty house for a week, then a week and a half  traveling across the country to essentially soak in a massive hot tub and drink 24/7.  You can see how my sense of time would be askew, right? 😉  I am having such a hard time transitioning back into the real world, it’s ridiculous.  And also, my lust for my own hot tub has gotten completely out of control.

As you can imagine, though, this environment was PERFECT for writing. I was kinda blissed out for about 3 wks.  😉  I also didn’t have regular access to the internet, so no distractions. What came of it?  A new (handwritten) short story about a woman who’d made a very big mistake and has to reveal it to her husband. Only, she can’t remember what it was.

As usual, my sub one was taken care of pretty early on, and is now on the short list for publication, though I’ve yet to hear the final word. I even exceeded my subbing goals and subbed 2 others this month, one of which was my first attempt at selling a reprint. So…we’ll see how that goes.

Alrighty, back to daydreaming of hot tubs. *sigh*


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