October Country: Write1Sub1 Check-in

Just a quick check-in to say I’m still on track. Barely.

Doing pretty good with the subbing, in fact I subbed 2  this month. (Apex doesn’t know it, but I’m gonna keep submitting to them until they eventually accept me. 😉 )

The writing one for the month didn’t go quite as well. This month I decided to follow a prompt from a writer’s group. The theme: horrotica  (horror + erotica). Not my first go at this type of story, I have one horrotica credit to my name actually. But I still consider myself VERY junior in this space.

The story this month?  TRAIN WRECK. I’m not kidding. And it’s nothing to do with the sex scene—that part actually came out okay.  It’s the rest of the story that is so terrible.

Started in the wrong spot.

Poorly plotted.

Rushed and cheesy ending.

Dialogue that’s stiff (HA—no pun intended).

It’s just a mess. And it pains me to spend so much time on something, and be so disappointed with it in the end, you know?

It’s too bad, too, because it was an idea I was really excited about. I’m just not sure what happened between the idea storm that began it all and the shit storm that ended up on the paper.

I think with some TLC after I take a chainsaw to it, it will be better. >:) Which is exactly what I intend to do tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!


7 thoughts on “October Country: Write1Sub1 Check-in

  1. Congratulations on W1S1 and thanks for commenting on my blog. I’ll be doing NaNo this month so unless I get another flash inspiration it is all NaNo. Writing can have it’s disappointing moments, hours, days.

    Keep writing.

  2. I tried a horrotica for the same prompt. It’s soooo hard to get the balance right. I failed. Story trunked. For now. Hope you have better luck with yours!

  3. Thanks, guys. So far no more movement on the horrotica story. And yet ANOTHER rejection from the dream market 😉 But I’m plugging away at some other things. Already reached my Nov. W1S1 goals! Now I can…*gasp* relax for the rest of the month? LOL No, no. Of course I’ll keep writing and subbing. Don’t think I can stop actually.

  4. Well done on W1S1. By coincidence, I come here fresh from writing a sex-scene for my latest horror short. I don’t usually, but I thought what the hey, spice it up a little. Not sure what I think about it. I feel a little exposed.

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