Powerhouse: My November W1S1 Report


That’s what I am. Only one more month to go in my Write1Sub1 2011 challenge. I have to say, I am ready for the end.

Don’t get me wrong, the last year as been GREAT in terms of productivity (something I attribute to the W1S1 challenge and all my cheerleaders and betas–you know who you are!). But I’m ready to close out and take a break from writing short stories for awhile.

I still have a few lingering on my hard drive, though. They need revisions before submitting. So, I guess I’m not totally done with them yet. There will be some time in the new year spent polishing and submitting, I suppose.

Anyway, *clears throat* on with my November report. This last month I actually managed to exceed my monthly goals. I subbed three stories in November and I wrote two. Pretty decent. Perhaps my most decent month ever. Now, if I could just sell something… EDIT: I just got an acceptance! Whoo-hoo! And a reprint, too! (not a W1S1 story, though—it was just breaking news, I felt.)

Man, I’m ALL over the place in this post.

So…December? I think it’s going to be flash or microfiction this month. A quickie on my way out the W1S1 short story door. 😉

…before I begin the 2012 Novel Challenge in Jan.


8 thoughts on “Powerhouse: My November W1S1 Report

  1. Thanks, ladies! Yeah, the snow is cool, isn’t it? Get yourself a WordPress blog, defcon, and you can have snow, too. 🙂

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