It’s Alive! The Serialized Novel Rises From the Dead

Imagine it’s the late-nineteenth century. You’re still getting used to things like…the light bulb, the sewing machine, the typewriter. There’s this new advance in science called “pasteurization”.  And something groundbreaking —perforated toilet paper on a roll. Life is good.  (At least this is what I gleaned from Wikipedia. I’m actually terrible with history ;))

So, there you are, in the nineteenth century, enjoying all that it offers (see above). And you are reading the latest installment of your favorite serialized novel (let’s just say it’s Dickens, you like Dickens, right? If you don’t, just play along).

But wait—it’s not the nineteenth century, it’s the twenty-first—the age of smart phones and ereaders. The age where everyone is too busy to commit more than a few moments a day to reading for fun. The age that is perhaps best suited for serialized novels, when you think about it. Yet, somewhere along the lines they died out.  Wouldn’t you say it’s about time we brought them back?

Many of you know that I slush read (in my spare time—haha) at Every Day Fiction. But what you may not know, is that the folks at Every Day Publishing are also behind a new project called Every Day Novels.

In the tradition of Every Day Fiction–which delivers daily doses of flash to your inbox, Every Day Novels will deliver a chapter a day. Serialized.

The first one is set to launch very soon—and guess where the very first author is from? 😉 Seattle, of course!

Lifting Up Veronica, by K.C. Ball, gets things started in January.

Here’s the blurb:

The novel follows Michael Kovac, a sociologist from Ohio State University, as he travels to rural West Virginia in the summer of 1960 to shoot footage for a documentary during a week-long tent meeting at a Signs Followers church. The Signs Followers are a Christian sect best known for their practice of handling venomous snakes and participating in other potentially deadly practices…

Serialization begins Monday, January 23, 2012, and will run for fifteen weeks. One chapter a day. They call them “bite-sized”. I call them “potty chapters”. 😉 But something tells me that the marketing team might frown upon my name for them.  (though I am impressed with the totally unintentional and clever tie-in with the toilet paper thing from above.)

Oh, and the best part?—the subscription is only $5. Plus, you get a copy of the entire ebook at the end. Pretty good deal, if you ask me.

For more on Every Day Novels and Lifting Up Veronica—and to sign-up for your subscription today, go here:

Besides being a (soft) marketing effort for the peeps I work with at EDF, and a shout out for local writer, I am behind this project as a reader as well. In fact, I’d really (reallyreallyreally) like to see Every Day Novels expand its serialized offerings into other genres in the future

To give them your feedback on the project and suggestions for what you’d like to see in the future, go here:


4 thoughts on “It’s Alive! The Serialized Novel Rises From the Dead

  1. Ooooh. I didn’t know about this. Thanks! I do love the idea of serialized novels (it’s one of the things i’m thinking about doing with C&C down the track).

    Out of interest, do you know how much they’re paying writers? I couldn’t find anything on the site re that. Could be they haven’t worked out all the details yet, and this first novel is a trial run, or that it’s privately worked out between author and EDN, but it never hurts to ask, right?

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  3. Oh, what an interesting project! Do you happen to know what length the novel is? I’m trying to decide if $5.00 for an e-book is within what I’m willing to pay.

  4. @Samuel It’s something they work out individually with authors. But you can contact them and discuss. There’s a contact form: and they are very responsive.Good luck!

    @Diane Great question. It’s about 73k with 75 chapters and also comes with a couple little extras, like private forum access. It’s kinda neat because you’ll be able to chat with the author there, she’ll answer questions etc.

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