Musa Publishing Releases The Red Girl–TODAY!

I’m terribly excited to announce The Red Girl, the debut novel  by fellow horror writer Luke Walker, is out today!

Here is the description from Musa Publishing’s website (because I can’t possibly sum it up better). Now, tell me you aren’t intrigued by the time you’re done reading it:

For five friends, Hell is their hometown.

Stu Brennan and his friends are trapped in a world horribly familiar and completely alien. Their hometown has become a city of human and inhuman monsters since the suicide of their friend Geri created a link between the real world and a world of nightmares. Now if Stu and his friends are to escape from Geri’s hell, they must face the darkness that lives in her past. And bury it before it buries them.

But while they are trapped outside the known world of all good things, Stu’s wife is in terrible danger. She’s searching for her husband, unaware of the evil that is searching for her, eager to hurt her in the same ways Geri was hurt so long ago. If it succeeds, there’ll be no way back for Stu and nobody to protect the person who means more to him than anything in the world.

His baby daughter.

I don’t know about you, but I’m particularly looking forward to seeing how Walker handles the “world of nightmares”. Sounds pretty wicked to me. >:)

READ AN EXCERPT from the book and an interview with Luke on Diane Dooley’s blog!


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