Character Interview: Write1Sub1 Blog Chain

I’m back in the Write1Sub1 challenge again! This year, though, it’s not write 1 story a month, sub one story a month—it’s write1 novel a year and (maybe) sub that novel.

For fun, the Write1Sub1 gang is doing a character interview blog chain. Below is an interview with one of the main characters from the novel I’m working on this year. She’s not the main POV character, though. You’ll notice that she does not come to the interview alone. Her tag-along, Cassidy, is actually the main POV character.


I spot Edie before she spots me—no mistaking it’s her. We’ve never met, just talked on the phone once, but her laugh is unmistakable. It’s carries through the whole space, the boat we’re meeting on.

I’d agreed to meet her on the little passenger ferry that connects her island to the one I was forced to leave my car on. She is seated next to the windows in a small booth across from another young woman. She sees me and waves. I guess my notebook gives me away.

Part Sofia Vergara, part Michelle Rodriguez, she’s all dark hair and dark eyes, in combat boots and a low-cut, black tank top under a black leather jacket. She manages to make it all look amazingly feminine.

Edie: Hiya (Even her lipstick and nails are such a dark shade of red that they look black.)  I hope you don’t mind, I’ve brought along a friend. She has no life apparently. (She rolls her eyes.)

A softer, more conservatively dressed young woman of about the same age pops up. She’s fairer in complexion and blonde. Also in black, but a crisp blouse, the first three buttons of which are undone. A very thin silver chain hovers at the hollow of her neck.

Cassidy: I’m Cassidy, (She extends her hand and I shake it.) Edie’s chaperone. (There is no detectable sarcasm in her words, but her eyes tell a different story. Something tells me that these two are good at cutting each other down.)

We exchange the usual pleasantries and then I open my notebook. I get the boring questions out of the way quickly: name, DOB, and such. The ferry ride is only 20 minutes.

Edie answers most of the questions with a humorous edge.  However, when I press her about what she’s doing on the island, about her work, and about her goals with the company she works for, she informs me that she is unable to comment. Though, she doesn’t really explain why. So I switch course.  Perhaps she has more to comment on regarding her personal life.

Sealey: (That’s me ;)): If you had a free day with no responsibilities and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?

Edie: That sounds like my every day! (She punctuates this with her signature laugh.)

Sealey: What impression do you make on people when they first meet you?

Edie: Male or female?

Sealey: Um…both, I guess. Start with men.

Edie: That I’m open for business. (She grins.) That I’m easy.

Sealey: What about after they’ve known you for a while?

Edie: Umm…they realize that I’m not. (She pauses.) And…that’s kind of hard for people to work out sometimes—to reconcile, I think.

Sealey: What about women?

Cassidy breaks in before Edie can answer.

Cassidy: That she’s open for business and that she’s easy. (She winks at me and Edie pinches her.)

Sealey: What’s your idea of a good marriage? Do you think that’ll happen in your life?

Edie and Cassidy both laugh.

Edie: Pass

Sealey: Okay…how about…what are you most proud of about your life?

There is silence at first while Edie chews her lip and looks at Cassidy.

Cassidy: Don’t look at me!

Edie: I guess…my work?

Sealey: Which you won’t talk about?

Edie: That’s right.

Sealey: So,  what about on a personal level?

Edie: Oh, easy. (She looks down at her chest.) My tits. Definitely my tits.

Cassidy snorts.

Sealey: What are you most ashamed of in your life?

Edie: Pass.

The two of them make eye contact and go quiet again.

Sealey: Sure. How about…if you could spend the day with someone you admire  who would you pick?

Edie: My grandmother.

Cassidy nods in agreement. She approves of this choice apparently.

Edie: She died a few years ago. I was gone when it happened. Had been gone for a while. (Her eyes start to tear up.  That’s it. I just…would like to have had one more day with her.

Cassidy’s hand moves to Edie’s knee. She squeezes it once and then it returns to her side.

Sealey: Do you think you’ve turned out the way your parents expected?

Edie: (She shrugs.) Dunno. Never knew them. Wouldn’t know what they expected. My grandmother raised me.

Cassidy: (She interjects softly.) Edie, come on, play along at least a little.

Edie: Fine. (She rolls her eyes.) No, I don’t suppose I’m what they expected exactly. My mother probably expected me to be barefoot and pregnant by the time I was 15, or else on abortion number three. And my father? I’m pretty sure he expected to meet up with me again one day in some alley–maybe sell me some meth at a family discount.

Cassidy: Edie, that’s not true! (She looks frustrated and turns to me.) Her father would be proud of her. It’s why he left her with her grandmother in the first place.

Edie: Next question.

Realizing I’d touched a nerve, and wondering if I should poke at it more or leave it alone, I continue.

Sealey: What do you believe about God?

Edie: That he left us all alone. A very, very long time ago. (She’s smiling, but I sense she’s wholly serious about this belief.)

Sealey: Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done?

Edie: Hmm. (She sits back, pretends to think hard.) Get nailed by all of Cassidy’s former boyfriends? (She grins while Cassidy shoots her a dirty look.)

Sealey: What would happen if you did that?

Cassidy: I’d put her in the hospital.

The two of them laugh.

Sealey: What’s the worst thing that’s happened in your life?

Edie: I let a man treat me badly. Once.

Sealey: What did you learn from it?

Edie: That he couldn’t help it.

Cassidy: (She sighs.) Edie…

Edie: What?

Sealey: Tell me about your best friend.

Edie: That’d be Miss Thing here. (She links arms with Cassidy.)

Sealey: How did you meet?

Edie: Cassidy? She’s just…always been around. You know?

Cassidy: Edie and I grew up together. Like sisters.

Sealey: What do you like about Cassidy?

Edie: Her hair. (She reaches over and rakes her red-black nails through Cassidy’s pony tail.)

Sealey: What does Cassidy like about you?

Edie: Um…my tits?

They both dissolve into giggles.

Cassidy: I like that she is a straight-shooter. Always.

Sealey: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone?

Edie: (She draws in a deep breath.) I led someone down a dark path. Unintentionally. Just…too mixed up in what I wanted to see what I was doing.

Sealey: What would you like it to say on your tombstone?

Edie: Um…Here lies Edie–

Cassidy:(She jumps in again.) On her back, per her usual.

More giggling.

Sealey: Describe your ideal mate.

Edie: Cassidy, (She elbows her friend.) tell her about your boyfriend.

Sealey: What are you most afraid of?

Edie: (She leans forward, like she’s going to tell me a secret, and whispers.) Nothing.

Sealey: I see. And what’s that like?

Edie: (She grins.) Heaven.

The ferry toots then, signaling the end of the ride.  I thank them for their time.

Next up in the blog chain…Dianna G.

And don’t forget to pop by Samuel Mae’s blog where Annie Colleen has guest posted her contribution to the chain.

The entire list of participants can be found here.


5 thoughts on “Character Interview: Write1Sub1 Blog Chain

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  2. @Samuel ROTFL Nah, that pun was perfect actually. You have no idea ho perfect.

    @ BD Yeah, I found this really difficult to do. Not really because I didn’t want to reveal too much about the story, but mostly because, since I’m in the rough draft stages still, I’m not entirely sure of what’s happening at all times myself. 😉

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