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The Music that Gets Us

Opening today at Seattle’s Experience Music Project is an exhibit called Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film. It promises to be a very interesting look at the role horror plays in our human experience. Fun stuff to do there: A scream booth, were you scream on cue as you watch horror footage in … Continue reading

I Think Size Does Matter

I’m talking about food proportions, guys. I realize that the obesity rate in the US is largely due to the kind of food we eat, as well as our activity level. But I just thought this was interesting…visually speaking, this says something to me about what we’re teaching our children about portion control. On the … Continue reading

More weird things…

Ever see something mundane (or see something and mistake it for something else) that prompts a story idea? Aren’t those moments great?  *sigh* Something that, on its own, is just kind of odd. Yet, for some reason it just strikes you and sticks with you and demands to be written into something bigger and more … Continue reading

New Gig

Ahem–just a little announcement. 🙂 I’m on temporary assignment as a slush reader at Every Day Fiction! Couldn’t be happier. Playing a role in the process of an awesome story being published is a wonderful feeling.

I had to share…

Totally not related to anything, but I had to share anyway. 😉 I got a new (does best Oprah impersonation) WAAAATERBOOOOTTLE!! You can all be jealous now.