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Feed Me. Please. (Women in horror, I mean you!)

February is Women in Horror Month! And while I’m not officially affiliated with the WiHM (Women in Horror Month) crew found here, I am a woman and I read, write, watch and LOVE horror. WiHM is at its core about equal rights and fostering opportunities for underrepresented females in the genre (particularly in the film … Continue reading

Character Interview: Write1Sub1 Blog Chain

I’m back in the Write1Sub1 challenge again! This year, though, it’s not write 1 story a month, sub one story a month—it’s write1 novel a year and (maybe) sub that novel. For fun, the Write1Sub1 gang is doing a character interview blog chain. Below is an interview with one of the main characters from the … Continue reading

New Story Up at Nanoism

That story I was talking about in my last post? The microfiction story that was my (little) Big Finish to my 2011 Write1Sub1 challenge–well, I SOLD IT! I titled it Withdrawal (for my own purposes, but Nanoism doesn’t publish titles. It’s funny because, when I wrote the story, it was longer than 140 characters. That’s what Nanoism, … Continue reading

Write1Sub1: My Big Finish

It’s December 31, and you know what that means?  I have completed my 2011 Write1Sub1 short story challenge! What an amazingly productive year writing wise. My big finish was actually a tiny story. It was both my Write1 and my Sub1 for the month, a microfiction story called Withdrawal. To recap what Write1Sub1 is…not sure I ever really did … Continue reading

Powerhouse: My November W1S1 Report

Exhausted. That’s what I am. Only one more month to go in my Write1Sub1 2011 challenge. I have to say, I am ready for the end. Don’t get me wrong, the last year as been GREAT in terms of productivity (something I attribute to the W1S1 challenge and all my cheerleaders and betas–you know who … Continue reading