About Me

Writer. Retired Editorial Assistant at Every Day Fiction. That’s me: Sealey  (signing the contract for my very first sale)     


Yep.  I’m one of those tortured writers held hostage by the NEED to do it.  An addict that goes through withdrawals if she doesn’t do it. One who is always dissatisfied with her work. One who is always chasing the next best writing “high”. And one who rides it until she crashes.

I am a bad speller. I am a master malapropist (which according to my spellchecker *isn’t* a word). I mix metaphors. All. The. Time. I am the homophone queen. And commas?–let’s not even start.

Hey, I didn’t say I was a good writer 😉

Is there a story behind the name of the site? Yep. But I kept talking about it and it started to scare the crap out of me again. So…

Did I forget to mention the genres I write in?  That’d be horror, dark fantasy, a little scifi…basically all things speculative, I guess.

To see a list of my published works, go here…


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