What I’m Reading This Morning…

Every time I visit, I discover another deliciously dark story, paired with the eeriest of artwork, at Underground Voices. This morning it’s this one: A Place to Call Home. Don’t order pizza in the South Bronx. I’m just sayin’. 😉 Advertisements

February is Women in Horror Month

In honor of Women in Horror Month I bring you four fierce female writers and their four fierce female leads. (don’t try saying that three times fast, I couldn’t even say it once.) Got a day all to yourself? Come Closer by Sara Gran Meet  Amanda. Amanda has a problem, a big problem. She is … Continue reading

Character Interview: Write1Sub1 Blog Chain

I’m back in the Write1Sub1 challenge again! This year, though, it’s not write 1 story a month, sub one story a month—it’s write1 novel a year and (maybe) sub that novel. For fun, the Write1Sub1 gang is doing a character interview blog chain. Below is an interview with one of the main characters from the … Continue reading

Musa Publishing Releases The Red Girl–TODAY!

I’m terribly excited to announce The Red Girl, the debut novel  by fellow horror writer Luke Walker, is out today! Here is the description from Musa Publishing’s website (because I can’t possibly sum it up better). Now, tell me you aren’t intrigued by the time you’re done reading it: For five friends, Hell is their … Continue reading

It’s Alive! The Serialized Novel Rises From the Dead

Imagine it’s the late-nineteenth century. You’re still getting used to things like…the light bulb, the sewing machine, the typewriter. There’s this new advance in science called “pasteurization”.  And something groundbreaking —perforated toilet paper on a roll. Life is good.  (At least this is what I gleaned from Wikipedia. I’m actually terrible with history ;)) So, … Continue reading